Producer, Director, Founding Partner

An artist at her core, Suzy spent years studying off-camera creative light and infuses all of her projects with love and visual storytelling. As the publicity and production photographer for Hale Center Theater Orem, UVU Theatrical Arts, 2018 Sundance Outdoor Theater, and other local arts organizations, Suzy finds extreme joy in the passion and art of our strong theater community in Utah. She loves capturing other artists performing their art and craft, and strives to infuse this same passion and love into all projects under her direction.

Suzy also loves making music videos and working with kids. She has produced and directed over 35 music videos for Reese Oliveira (her oldest daughter), Barlow Arts Conservatory, Utah COPA, One Voice Children’s Choir, and many up-and-coming young artists. Some of the projects under her direction have included over 200 children in one video! Her video productions have accumulated over 30,000,000 world-wide views across YouTube and Facebook.

Suzy also has an analytical side that stems from her background in finance and accounting. She is a proud graduate of the Marriott School of Business Management at BYU with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting. In addition to operating her own photography and video production business, past work experience includes property and asset management for a real estate development company in Florida, project and event management for the 4Life Research marketing team, asset management for Sundance Capital, real estate and property management for West Real Estate, and more.

It is her love of numbers and analysis that led Suzy to become the YouTube manager for One Voice Children’s Choir. Under her management, constant analysis and adjustments of the channel, she grew One Voice Children’s Choir’s YouTube channel to 900,000 subscribers from 2014 to 2018. Suzy was the sole manager for online music distribution, and looks forward to continuing this success as a founding partner of Rise Up Children’s Choir.

Suzy is married to the love of her life, Raphael, and together they have five children.